The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

In the 1940s England when children are being sent away to the country to escape the war four young children Peter, Susan Edmund and Lucy find their time in the country is far different than expected.
They walk through the wardrobe into a whole new world in which the utilitarian regime of an icy Queen of Narnia threatens to maintain a perpetual winter, and turn its residents into stone! All is not lost; whispers of a mysterious name can be heard on the wind as the rumours of the return of the true king of Narnia spread through the frost and cold.
Who is this mysterious Aslan, and will he come in time to save our heroes in this seasonal clash of myth and magic……Follow the quest of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy to overthrow the pretender queen, and waken the enlivening spring!


Southern School of Dance was established in 1996 and is very pleased, from September, to be offering dance classes at Hong Kong Academy in conjunction with the HKA After School Activity Programme.

Ms Bethany, the teacher at Hong Kong Academy is also teaching for Southern School of Dance in The Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College in Po Lam. Ms Bethany gained  her Dance Qualification from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance in London gaining the sought after L.R.A.D a B.A in Ballet Education and R.T.S. Her students are entered annually for the RAD ballet examinations.

Ms Verity who trained at the fabulous Royal Ballet School in England  offers ISTD Tap and Modern dance classes, leading to examinations.

Ms Jamie who gained her dance qualification from our very own APA Hong Kong  runs a Hip Hop class for 7-9 year old. These classes run in Po Lam.

Southern School of Dance is devoted to ensuring that every student who joins the dance school has the best dance experience possible. The learning environment is fun and caring and we love to produce an annual dance performance as the students gain so much from the experience.

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe will be presented on 17th November at HKA.

Ms Marion Knight has been Managing Director and Principal of Southern School of Dance since establishing it in 1996.Her life has revolved around “The Dance School” since her daughter Kimberley returned from studying the BA in Dance Studies at the Royal Academy of Dance in 1996.

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