Southern School of Dance Presents: Cinderella

Once upon a time there was a young girl called Cinderella who lived with her evil stepmother, two stepsisters and their mischievous cat, Lucifer!  All day long Cinderella had to do chores; feeding the chickens, tidying up as well as sweeping and scrubbing the floors. Luckily Cinderella made friends with the mice and bluebirds who were always around to cheer her up!

One day whilst Cinderella was busy sweeping the floor, an invitation arrived inviting all the people in the land to a ball at the palace. Cinderella was very excited that her stepmother said she could go if she could find something to wear. The Mice and Cinderella got to work immediately. Just before they were about to leave for the ball the sisters snatched Cinderella’s gloves, beads, tiara and skirt so once again Cinderella was left in her rags and could not go to the Ball.

Cinderella was very upset and whilst the Mice tried to comfort her, she could not stop crying.  Suddenly something magical started to happen and the Fairy Godmother appeared. She turned the Mice to horses, the pumpkins into a Carriage, Lizards into footmen and Cinderella’s rags into a beautiful ballgown – Cinderella could go to the ball after all!

At the ball Cinderella meets the Prince and they dance together, but the magic only lasts until midnight. As the clocks start ticking Cinderella has to quickly leave and loses her shoe. The Prince finds the shoe and searches far and wide until he finds the owner.

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